Katri Burri

Neumarkt 18

CH-8001 Zürich

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Katri Burri is a curator, photographer and picture editor specialised in documentary photography. She designs and produces photographic exhibitions and develops visual concepts for corporate publishing projects, books and catalogues. She researches and procures images from archives and photographers in Switzerland and abroad, and delivers innovative solutions for illustrating publications in all media.





CoalMine photo gallery, Winterthur (curator of the documentary photography forum)



“Unterirdisch überleben” (Surviving underground), an exhibition of the work of American photographer Richard Ross in the Sonnenberg bunker, Lucerne, 2006

“Paradiese auf Erden” (Earthly paradises): 19 renowned photographers from Japan, North America and Europe show their best photographs of gardens in the Lichthof atrium at the headquarters of Credit Suisse in Zurich, 2005

“La Suisse plurielle” (Pluralist Switzerland), an exhibition of photographs at the Swiss Confederation’s political forum, Berne, 2004–05. Ursula Markus, Pierre-Antoine Grisoni and Edouard Rieben document the coexistence of natives and immigrants in urban districts of Italian-, French- and German-speaking Switzerland.


“Das 20. Jahrhundert im Spiegel der Neuen Zürcher Zeitung” (The 20th century seen in the mirror of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung), editor Thomas Ribi, picture editors Katri Burri and Martin Müller, Verlag Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Zurich 2001

“Bilder aus der Schweiz, 1939–1945” (Images from Switzerland, 1939–1945), editors Katri Burri and Thomas Maissen, Verlag Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Zurich 1997, 2nd edition 1998

“Sensationen vom Dorfe” (Village sensations)
, editor Katri Burri, Limmat Verlag, Zurich 1993, 2nd edition 1994


Katri Burri researches and procures visual material for corporate publishing projects, magazines, museums and publishers. Her references include Bâloise Holding, Credit Suisse Bonviva, Du – Die Zeitschrift der Kultur, Globus Savoir vivre, Museum Bellerive (Zurich), and the Swiss National Museum (Zurich).

Curriculum vitae

  • Since 2003: Curator of the documentary photography forum, CoalMine photo gallery, Winterthur, freelance picture editor and curator
  • Member of the jury for: Euro Press Professional Awards (Fujifilm, 2003), The Selection vfg (1998), competition for Swiss female photographers (Frauenkongress, 1995)
  • Lecturer at the Paulus-Akademie Zurich (2005) and the Swiss School of Journalism (MAZ), Lucerne (1996–2002)
  • 1994–2002: Set up and headed the picture editing department at the Neue Zürcher Zeitung newspaper
  • Editor (jointly with Thomas Maissen) of a book of photographs entitled “Bilder aus der Schweiz, 1939–1945” (Zurich 1997, Verlag NZZ, 2nd edition 1998) and of a book of photographs entitled “Sensationen vom Dorfe” (Zurich 1993, Limmat Verlag, 2nd edition 1994)
  • 1988–90: Photography and picture editing for the Swiss National Fund’s “Schweizerische Festkultur” (Swiss festival culture) project, headed by Basil Schader
  • 1980–85: Travelled to Sudan (1980), Somalia (1984) and Kenya (1985) on UN and HEKS projects
  • 1977–93: Numerous contributions to newspapers in Switzerland and abroad as a freelance photographer