In her capacity as a picture editor Katri Burri researches and procures images for custom media projects, magazines, museums and publishers, including: Bâloise Holding, Credit Suisse Bonviva, Du – Die Zeitschrift der Kultur, Globus Savoir vivre, Museum Bellerive, Zurich, Swiss National Museum, Federal Commission on Migration.


Transnationalität (Transnationality), Swiss magazine on integration and migration, Commissioned by: Federal Commission on Migration (FCM), Picture editor for title story: Katri Burri, 2009.

Between 1850 and 1914 around 400,000 people emigrated from Switzerland. Katri Burri did research in archives and collections to conceive an edition of terra cognita entitled “Transnationality”, featuring a series of images about the different realities of Swiss émigrés all over the world.

Commissioned by: Primafila AG. Picture editor for title story: Katri Burri, 2005.

Concept: Eva Afuhs/Christina Reble. Design: Raffinerie AG. Picture editing: Katri Burri. Museum Bellerive, Zurich 2005.

From 11 November 2005 to 1 April 2006, Museum Bellerive in Zurich ran the exhibition Friedhof: Design. For the accompanying publication Katri Burri conceived a story in pictures entitled “Von Friedhof zu Friedhof: Eine Reise” (From cemetery to cemetery: a journey).

Special supplement on Swiss companies abroad. Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 15 October 2002. Visual concept: Katri Burri.

The special supplement on Swiss companies abroad (“Schweizer Unternehmen im Ausland”) was illustrated by Katri Burri with advertising and promotional material from Swiss companies produced in countries with other scripts.