La Suisse plurielle. 22 October 2004–19 March 2005. Curator: Katri Burri. Technical director: Gianni D’Amato (SFM). Project partners: Polit-Forum Bern, Federal Commission on Migration (FCM), Federal Office for Migration (FOM), Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies (SFM).

The FDFA’s Cultural Foreign Policy Centre has redesigned the “La Suisse plurielle” for the road and is now showing it abroad. Three photographers (one woman and two men) were commissioned to document 30 days in the lives and interactions of the native and migrant populations of urban areas in Italian-, German and French-speaking Switzerland. Ursula Markus took photographs in Molino Nuovo (Lugano), Edouard Rieben in the Lorraine (Bern) and Pierre-Antoine Grisoni in Maupas (Lausanne). At the listening stations visitors can also hear Swiss radio programmes broadcast over the last 50 years on the theme of migration. The exhibition was shown in Bern, Lausanne, Lugano and Willisau.

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